Welcome to the New Invocation!

What are the
Akashic Records?

Let’s start with what the Akashic Records are NOT. They’re not a religion. They’re not a group of beings demanding to be worshipped, obeyed, and imitated. They’re not a big library in the sky.

The Akashic Records ARE a dimension of consciousness—an energy field—upon which every soul’s thoughts, words, actions, and experiences are “recorded” vibrationally.

As such, the Records are both a vehicle and a tool meant to help you expand your consciousness, broaden your awareness, and deepen your spiritual maturity and authority. In other words, accessing the eternal wisdom and perspective of the Akashic Records empowers you to take personal responsibility for yourself, your actions, your choices, and your life.

What is the
New Invocation?

The New Invocation allows us to transcend duality,
move into concurrency,
and begin creating heaven on Earth
by embracing our true Divine essence
and living our human experience
from that Divine perspective.

Though I’ve been working in the Akashic Records for nearly 20 years, in 2013 my Akashic Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones gave me a new way to access their profound wisdom, and they called it the New Invocation. In their own words, here’s why they gave me the New Invocation—and why they told me to begin sharing it with others.

The New Invocation is an invitation . . . a calling . . . to more fully and beautifully experience the truth of who you are. It will provide you an opportunity to achieve a higher perspective on yourself, your life, and the world . . . an opportunity to begin experiencing . . . firsthand . . . aspects of heaven on Earth . . . and aspects of the Divine within you.

As your planet continues to shift and ascend, you must adapt in all ways. In order to move gracefully and easily into ever-expanding energies and levels of consciousness, you must begin to invoke and access them . . . consciously and deliberately. You must see yourself and your life from an eternal, soul-level perspective. And you must call upon those parts of yourself that have been dormant . . . or silent . . . until the time was just right to invoke your true essence and stand in your full power . . . beautifully . . . authentically . . . radiantly.

Well, that time is now—THIS MOMENT!

 From THIS place of expanded awareness, you can begin to invoke who and what you truly are. You can begin to create what already exists in the higher realms of consciousness and in the higher planes of what is real.

 Invoke it! It’s time! Rise up and create it! Invoke the Divine within you and create the world that’s been waiting to be born within you and around you . . . the world that’s been waiting for you all along.

Tap into your highest POTENTIAL.

Awaken your highest THOUGHTS and highest MIND.

Connect with your highest SELF.

Interact with the world from THAT place . . .

and you will truly TRANSFORM the WHOLE WORLD!

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